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What is The Wheel of Light? I might start by saying that I can’t tell you because it is indescribable! Using this as a starting point, let me see if I can now paint a picture which you can understand. In the History of The Wheel of Light, you will have read that when I asked the Guides what was the vision I was seeing, back in May 2002, I was told “It is The Wheel of Light. You will develop it”.

What has been developed is a structure, which we as humans can understand. Something to work with or get our heads around, to give us some idea of what The Wheel of Light can do for us. It is a transmission of energy from another realm. This energy carries consciousness which has the ability to heal and evolve the consciousness of we humans. The Guides bring this to us in their own way, but provide us with a structure so that we can understand how it works and how we connect with both the energy and the Guides through it.

In September 2003, we had reached a point where I had been using these energies for long enough to see and understand the amazing power and ability of The Wheel of Light to unlock potential within people, but I was still very concerned about the perceived mystery of this most unusual phenomenon. We had never seen or heard of anything like it before and the concept was bizarre and fantastic. I asked the Guides “how will people know if this is real or right for them, and how will they be able to trust it? You want me to bring this to the people, but how can explain it in a convincing way?”

The Guides Speak

           “The children of the Lord who will benefit from this movement of energy we call The Wheel of Light will ‘absolutely know’ it is part of their pathway. If they are ready, if their evolution is progressing to a point where their vibration is resonating with these energies, there will be no question in their minds. Their consciousness will speak to them and they will just ‘know’ that they have to be connected to this source. All truth comes through the heart and those with the heart open and ready to see the truth at this level will feel the truth within them speak. They will feel the truth of The Wheel of Light.”

“The Wheel of Light is a gateway which is being opened into Earth at this time, and it’s light will call out to the children who are meant to pass through it’s doors. Many lessons will unfold for each individual through the connection. One of these lessons will be trust.

“Lack of trust is a great limiting factor in the evolution of human beings. There is great fear around trusting that you are protected; trusting that you are guided; trusting in many things which are of the nature of creation and the process of moving forwards. Trust is learning to open your heart. Without the opening of the heart, evolution cannot take place. Therefore, those who are fearful will not trust The Wheel of Light. Quite simply, this is because their evolution has not reached a point where they can step into the unknown in trust. Those whose evolution is approaching the highest vibrations of spirituality in Earth at this time will hear the call.”

“The doors will be opened, but only those who can perceive the pathway will enter. Throughout history, there have been those who could see and understand the hidden meanings in the messages of the teachers, and there have been those who just could not understand and would continue to question. The time is now with us where many are opening and understanding.”

“If The Wheel of Light calls to you, then you will feel it in your heart. If you feel the call in your heart, then you will not question, you will have no fear of trusting in the process, you will just know.”


Who are the Guides?
In the 2 years it has taken to bring The Wheel of Light to fruition, my personal Guides whom I work with every day have increased from around 70 to over 130. The Wheel of Light Guides are additional to these, working with the Prime Force only, but also helping and teaching the other Guides. I asked them to explain how many of them there are, and how they work through The Wheel of Light.

The Guides Speak

“The Wheel of Light structure is always our main focus. This is the arena where we do our work. There will always be a core number of us in attendance with The Wheel, even if there is nobody connected to it, as we need to constantly maintain the flow of energy as it enters Earth through David.” 

“Anyone who is connected to The Wheel will have at least one of our number in attendance, permanently for the duration of the cycle of connection, which can be up to two years. During this evolutionary journey, there will be periods when the pressure we bring to a person increases causing a speeding up or quickening and there will be times when tranquillity will be the norm. At the time of quickening there will usually be many more Guides working with each person as we bring about the changes necessary.”

“There are also many more Guides on what we might term the other side, in the reality which is the source of our Prime Force. They facilitate the energy in a way which passes it to us to work with in the Earth dimension and in particular, through the structure which is The Wheel.”

“Initially, there will be a limit to the number of people who can be connected at any one time to The Wheel. This is because of the limitations within David as a human to channel these extremely potent energies. He has reached a point in his evolution where we can bring this energy through him in a meaningful way for a small number of others, but it will take more time for him to become completely robust as the channel.”

“Even so, when The Wheel is fully loaded with the initial quota, there might be more than 200 Guides working with the people who are connected directly without taking into consideration those who are working with the Essence Programs alongside David’s regular Guides.”

“What we are bringing to Earth at this time is huge in your terms.”

The Macrocosm within the Microcosm
Working with and being taught by both this energy and the Guides since May 2002, I have frequently been frustrated at not being able to describe to you what it is we are working with. I would like to share with you a process I went through which might help explain what we are dealing with.

During a healing session in the mid-90s, when deeply tuned-in to a client, the Guides asked me to go through the core of this person’s heart chakra. The Guides led the way drawing me ever deeper into the consciousness of the person. We reached a point where I couldn’t go any further. The density of the consciousness was too great for my own consciousness to penetrate. We had reached a point where one force was opposing another force. The Guides explained that it was the density of consciousness which limits our ability to see into deeper reality. As humans we are too energetically dense to go within beyond this point. They said that I had to let go of my conscious self in order to proceed. “Trust us and let go. You must let go in order to pass through this doorway.” It was like submitting to death. Letting go of everything that you are. It was terribly frightening, but I made it. Imagine being asked to jump out of an aeroplane and being told you will be ok. It was similar to this. As I managed to let go of my consciousness, I passed through the core of the chakra and into a universe within that person. A whole universe of stars and galaxies, blackness, light, distance, infinity and timelessness. I was awe struck and the energy and magnitude of what I was then a part of was totally overpowering to my understanding. How could there be a universe inside a person? This must be the macrocosm inside the microcosm of which the Mystics speak.

When I returned to our world and reality, only a matter of minutes later, I couldn’t speak for three days. To experience consciousness such as this requires expansion of the mind which is bordering upon not being human any longer. Leaving the body permanently. What one witnesses defies expression. To touch with your mind the enormity of something like this is impossible to speak of. For a number of days afterwards, I could touch back in to a certain extent. Every time I did this, so that I could share what I had seen with others, I couldn’t speak. We are too limited as human beings to experience something like this and be able to share the reality with others. I have visited that place 3 times in my career and each time it has had the same effect. One becomes so overwhelmed at the enormity of the possibilities of who and what we are that it is impossible to express it to another person in any meaningful way. If you haven’t experienced it, then you will never understand it. And even if you have, the experience is almost too overwhelming to comprehend. It makes you realise how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, but no less important than a blade of grass in the eye of God. We are all consciousness and all connected.

This is what it is like to touch the consciousness of the Prime Force, The Wheel of Light, and the Guides who have brought it to us. Every time I tune-in and touch it, in order to try to explain it to you, it can’t be done. My consciousness cannot expand to a point where it can encompass the enormity of what is being offered to us. Or rather, it probably could, but I might not be able to return to my relative level of sanity, easily afterwards.

Essence Programs and Essences
At the end of November 2003, six months before The Wheel was due to reach its point of completion, the Guides suddenly, with no warning, introduced Essence Programs. This was the first real opportunity to work with these new energies on a daily basis. The journey unfolded incredibly quickly in the way I was taught how to use them and what could be achieved through them. The results have been incredibly interesting and powerful.

The results we obtained were immediately amazing in both healing and evolution. The Guides introduced two distinct levels of Program, focussed to accommodate the broadest range of vibrational rates within people. The Basic Essence Program can accommodate the majority of people, whatever their vibrational rate, while those of a faster vibration, whether this be natural or the result of much spiritual work, could be connected into the higher energies of The Wheel of Light Program. I am not going into detail about these here as they have there own information pages, but this progression then naturally lead to the Guides bringing through some new essences, which a few days after receiving them, I was informed, were to be called The Wheel of Light Essences.

These essences were brought to us 3 weeks prior to The Wheel coming of age. Their story itself is again dramatic and interesting. Whilst trying to understand the implications of these new essences, again I had to give up attempting to describe their incredible power and ask the Guides to explain.

The Guides Speak

“The concept behind The Wheel of Light, The Essence Programs and the Wheel of Light Essences is unique at this time on planet Earth. There is nothing like this energy anywhere. David is merely the vehicle or channel to allow the energies we call the ‘Prime Force’ to enter Earth. It is through him that we can bring you so many varied ways of connecting through The Wheel of Light and into the Prime Force which animates it.”

“In the Basic Essence Program, David’s long standing Guides and helpers can work with us, and connect with you, as if you were in a one-to-one session with him. This allows his healing energies to be channelled via the essences to yourselves. At the same time, it allows us to bring some of the Prime Force energies to you where appropriate, even if your vibration is not at a level where you can receive the full spectrum of the evolutionary potential of the Prime Force, which would be too much for most people, other than Light Workers, at this time.”

“We have spent over two years preparing David for channelling these high energies. It has been difficult for him at times in the adjustments he has had to make to accommodate us. We also entrust him to prepare our words and distribute this information, to enable those who are ready to find this movement of light we bring, either directly through The Wheel or via the Essence Programs or Essences themselves.”

Being with the Guides
“When you begin a working process through David, we see you immediately, and connect with you. We look at your evolutionary position and assess your potential. We relay some of this information to David, but there is much we do not tell him, because it is not important to know.”

“We can view you in the past and present, we can see your future potentials. We can communicate with your soul grouping and receive guidance on its purpose in this life and we can see the pathways to achieving your potentials and goals of this mission in Earth. We look at all these factors and then feed the most appropriate energies into you, either via the carrier essence or directly through The Wheel. This will ensure that your vibration is optimised and as a result of this your potential is more easily attained.”

“When we are in attendance, you are linked to a form of universal creative consciousness, which has a force that is unimaginable. If you could see it, it would appear like a fire raging through you as it works to help bring the changes which are needed. Some of you will feel this fire-like energy course through you when we work.”

“We then scrutinise you closely. We assess information such as karma, past life patterns, emotional and mental issues, energy blockages, auric fragments, also soul journey information. We look at what needs to be achieved based on our intimate and deep knowledge of your life path and mission in Earth and we bring the most appropriate energies to achieve the changes which can be made at any one time. We push you as fast as you can be pushed within your limitations.”

The Power of Intent
“When you are connected to the Prime Force through any of the levels of interaction we have provided via The Wheel of Light, you are starting a process which you cannot possibly imagine. Your intent makes a statement about you. It says that you are serious about your evolution. It says that you are willing to trust. In some of you, it will say that you have the knowing; but in all of you we see it as a plea for help. A desire to be closer to God. An aspiration to be more than you are. Once this connection is made between us, we watch over you, and facilitate the Prime Force through you, every minute of the day and night, until the particular evolutionary process or cycle which is being unfolded, is complete. David doesn‘t need to know what is happening. You are in our hands. David is just the channel to allow us to help the people in the Earth realm.”

“If you are working with the Essence Programs or The Wheel of Light essences, or are connected directly into The Wheel, you are showing commitment to something higher than most people on this planet will ever aspire to at this time in human evolution. It is because we see so many of you with such high ideals and such unswerving commitment to your own growth, and that of humanity in general, that we have come at this time to help facilitate your changes.”

“Whatever method you choose, we do not discriminate, we are with you to guide and facilitate the light of the Prime Force to the most satisfactory conclusion available to us, within the limitations of your own being and your soul’s choice of pathway.”

“You may not know or understand what is happening, what you are receiving or why, but it will be exactly what you need, as guided by the highest consciousness.”

“All aspects of The Wheel of Light are like keys to a door. Once you turn that key, by whatever means is open to you, as dictated by your present vibrational rate, a whole chain of events begins to unfold, which is monitored, guided and facilitated in a unique and individual way by ourselves for you. This comes through a universal consciousness force which is unimaginable. This is a key to your evolutionary potential.”

“David looks to us for explanations, in his awe at the things we tell him he is capable of with this stream of consciousness we call the Prime Force”

“He becomes frustrated when we say we cannot show you. He tests these things out to prove them. Not that he doesn’t trust, he does. He has worked with Guides for many years and has learned to trust their guidance implicitly. But the things we now show him, which can be achieved through our partnership, has pushed him to a much higher level where he is experiencing much disbelief at the enormous possibilities of this force which now runs through him. But at the same time he has the knowing that he is walking forwards relentlessly as this unbelievable scenario unfolds within, and through him.”

“We see his sense of defeat in that he cannot express to you in his own words what he perceives and experiences through the Prime Force. It is indescribable in your terms. We constantly have to give him the same message and we would repeat this for yourselves.”

“We cannot explain to you the power and truth in this Prime Force.”

“We cannot explain the power and all-knowing consciousness which can be carried and transferred to you through the structures we have provided.”

“We cannot explain the enormity of what has been unlocked and is now unfolding into Earth through this channel.”

“It is not possible for you to understand it. You have no frames of reference to map it or compare it. You cannot touch it with your consciousness, for your consciousness is too limited in human form to grasp its enormity.

“Imagine looking into a teacup and seeing a universe. The depth, the colours, the stars and galaxies. The inconceivable distance across which there would never be enough time in an Earth life to travel even a fraction of it. Then, leave your body behind and step into that teacup and travel forever, never being able to see the place at which you entered the journey, but knowing that at any point in the journey you could step out again and back into your body and life in Earth. Imagine travelling through this universe for a hundred years and then stepping out to find that only one second of Earth time had passed. The Prime Force emanates from such a reality, one in which there are all possibilities. On in which we can change the nature of reality itself, as perceived.”

“All we can do is try to take you on this imaginary journey, for to truly describe what it is that we are offering to the children of Earth is impossible. You will just have to trust what we tell you and discover through your own changes the magnificence of this potential.”

Fluid Consciousness
“ We might also say to you, that you cannot understand the nature of what we are. We might describe ourselves as Guides beyond Guides. Guides from a higher dimension. But we might also say that we are not even Guides at all, but a form of changing and flowing consciousness which can take the form of many things. It is not important how you look at us or how you see what we can do, with and for you. It is only important to know within your heart your own truth.”

“These are very advanced energies coming to Earth right now. You will only find them through this one channel, and they will not speak to everyone, for there are many who are not ready for this level of interaction; for this fire of responsibility. But those who’s vibration is high enough will hear the Prime Force speak, and when it does you will perceive a message, the like of which will leave you in no doubt as to what you should do.”

“Like David, you will be frustrated, because you also will not be able to explain or express what touches you. But like he has had to do, over many years, you will learn to trust that inner knowing which calls you, and if you follow your heart in truth, as he continues to learn to do, then you too will continue to walk a path into your finest potential.”

End Note
When Amaya had finished the illustrations, I shared the above information with her. She then sent me a message she received while working on them. At the time, she had no knowledge of any of this above text, which is a nice confirming piece of synchronicity, which is well worth sharing with you.

"I read your pages on The Wheel of Light you sent me and I’d like to share something with you: Are you putting all of this on the website? I ask because when I was creating the images I had the same message come to me repeatedly: "That those people meant to be on The Wheel would know in their hearts. There would be no need for them to question with their mind because they would just know! And nothing needs to be explained". This was, and still is very strong for me. So when I read your pages I resonated so deeply with what the Guides had said. I feel that on your website, with the images, you only need what the Guides are saying, because the images are saying the same thing vibrationally!"

This is what I felt too, but at the same time, some people do like to read a little bit about what’s happening, or what we think is happening, even though we can’t explain it.

Dave Ashworth, May 2004