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In a long career, I have done much work in rescuing people from psychic attack and dark forces. This, together with Earth Healing and Geopathic Stress Investigation, is the work that the universe chose to send to me originally, and it has been of great concern to Denise and I for many years that not many people seem to have similar abilities to deal with psychic attack..

There are thousands of people out there who are affected in some way as a result of psychic or dark forces attacking them. Many of them are seriously ill or have had the quality of their lives totally destroyed. From the beginning of my healing work, the universe has sent me a great deal of this type of work, but it really hit home how big the problem was after my book was published in 2001. Since that time, our telephone has not stopped ringing.

In the book, the symptoms of psychic attack are explained and people immediately identified with them. Dark forces are manipulating or using peoples’ energy all over the world, but here in Britain alone there is a mass of work to be done.

Denise and I have been frustrated because I have not been able to teach my work to others. The reason being is that there is a higher power which works through me to resolve these situations, using something within my energy make-up which appears to be unique. I am almost an involuntary observer in some cases, even though it does take a lot out of me energetically.

As some of you will know, since my healing awakening in the late 80s, my evolution has been a continuous flow, never ceasing to take me forwards, constantly pushing me into new work. In mid-2002, it came to our attention that energies within and around me were changing again, but in a big way compared to previously. We thought that this may be the answer to teaching others how to deal with powerful dark forces or to push their evolution so that they could get involved in rescue work. We were not entirely wrong, but to find out the nature of these new developments, you must read on.

May 2002
As I awoke one morning in May 2002, I had a vision. This is often how the Guides alert me to new changes in my evolution. The vision was of a cartwheel, laying on its side, but in a blazing yellow and white light. I was at the centre of the wheel and at the end of each spoke was another person, a healer or light worker. I asked the Guides, “what is this?” They said, “it is The Wheel of Light. You will develop it. It will take 2 years before you are ready.”

That was the sum total of the message, which left me bewildered and unsure of what it was all about, but this is the normal form of communication from the Guides. They get my attention with something profound and then a little at a time they feed me the rest of the story.

August 2002
The process began to unfold and as I could feel my energy changing, I could feel how it affected and changed the energy of other people who were in the vicinity of my energy field. I had seen abilities in three people begin to unfold rapidly after being in my presence. I felt that these people were signs more than anything else, so that I could see what this new transformation could do.
At first, Denise and I thought that The Wheel of Light was to be a process for bringing together healers, light workers or facilitators of energy, commonly working at a high level. It was perceived that we would all link with each other, via my energy, to deal with dark forces. Those people who could work at a sufficiently high level would then be trained by me.

A year on from the first insight, we were still wondering how it would develop and often asked the Guides “how will it work?” How will it unfold? Also, because I was so busy anyway with my healing and evolutionary work, we were concerned that we might not have the time to do the training we perceived would be necessary. However, we figured that God must have a plan to take all our concerns into account, and surely, He must know what he is doing. The Guides kept quite, as they often do until there is something to say which is backed up by action.

Many Levels
Sometimes, it was not until a limiting question arose, did we get an answer to explain or calm our fears. For example. After the Guides told me to put the unfolding insights of The Wheel of Light on the website, we received many requests to be considered, even though at this early stage nobody knew what the journey was. One request in particular came from a young man by email. He was completely enamoured and drawn to working for the light, but said that he realised that he probably wasn’t ‘good enough’ because he hadn’t done much healing work. He was very humble, but I felt, he was also putting himself down a little, and that night I did some deep thinking and praying for answers to my following question.

I said to God, “this Wheel of Light thing can’t be right as I see it at the moment. It can’t be right to refuse anyone at all from working with these energies. Just because they lack experience or cannot work at a high enough level should not mean that there is not a role for them to play in the evolution of man and the planet. To pick and choose who comes forward would put these amazing energies beyond the reach of so many. This can’t be right! This would make us elitist and I cannot see the Universal Wisdom in being elitist.”

Very soon, the answer came back.

The Guides Speak
“ They will not be excluded. There will be a place within the numerous layers and frequencies of The Wheel of Light for everyone who desires it, at whatever level they are at. But one must remember that these are extremely high energies and that some people will not be able to receive them directly without taking some evolutionary steps in other ways first.”

“What is developing through you is unique and we understand your frustration at trying to figure out what is unfolding, but we ask you to be patient and to trust. When something like this is unfolding into Earth for the first time, we have many bridges to cross in creating the right platform to make it successful. These are extremely high energies and your own being needs to go through much transformation to accommodate them. You are the bridge into Earth which we are constructing and when this bridge is complete many will be able to walk across it in many different ways. Just allow the time to pass, as we bring the developments to you and all will become clear.”

That made me feel a little better, but there was still more information we needed. How would the training be done, for instance?

No Training Required
Again, the Guides showed me the image of The Wheel and showed how my energy and consciousness at the hub was connected with everyone else at the end of each spoke. The energy and consciousness flowed between us all. My energy permanently linked with everyone else and theirs with me. The Guides said to me, “draw it on paper.” When I drew it out on paper it hit me immediately as the symbol for infinity. The flow was infinite. We were being linked into an infinite flow which would support anyone who was connected to The Wheel. However, this did not mean that we fed from each other or drained each other. The flow of energy between us all is not the key component. The key component is the consciousness, carried by the flow which is called the Prime Force.

Energy and Consciousness
The Wheel of Light has three main components.

  1. An infinite flow of energy.
  2. The Prime Force, which is the consciousness.
  3. The Wheel of Light Guides.

The Flow of energy is like a road or highway which carries vehicles. The vehicle is consciousness, called the Prime Force.

The flow of energy is controlled by Universal Consciousness in a balanced way and this provides the highway for the Prime Force to travel upon. The Prime Force is the constant transmission and flow of a form of consciousness with evolutionary expression, which is facilitated and managed by The Wheel of Light Guides.

So, to put this another way, there is a balanced energy flow which is infinite between all parties who are connected to The Wheel. Upon this flow of energy travels a consciousness which begins to unfold each person in an evolutionary way at the precise level at which they are ready to receive.

I have known for many years that I have an ability to evolve people. An ability to see the spiritual potential in people who are ready for evolution and a gift to help them realise that potential. I have plugged people into this evolutionary consciousness and seen them spontaneously surge forward. In other cases, I have to work with people to a programme, along a time line determined by my Guides, to evolve them to their potential.

I have been doing this work, in parallel with the general healing work for many years, but more recently, I have come to realise that this gift of being able to evolve people is a major part of my mission here on Earth. God has given me the ability to unlock the consciousness and evolutionary potential in others, the ability to empower others.

I didn’t see this connection with The Wheel of Light until around March 2003 and then the major question about finding the time to train others was answered in a flash. I won’t need to train anyone. The evolutionary process passing through those connected to The Wheel will bring with it its own training, or illumination.

This then brings us to the point about working with dark forces or doing rescue work. The Prime Force, working through me and The Wheel of Light, will unfold your own natural gifts and talents. Therefore, there will be no wrong turns taken on your path. As you unfold, then the Universe will send you the type of work for which you are specifically suited.

June 2003
Around the end of 2002 I was pushed to develop some new vibrational essences and as the weeks passed, the pressure was becoming more intense. In particular, I was to work with trees, but extremely old trees.

Much work and research was carried out and the trees gave me a great deal of information about energy and consciousness. We were informed that Vibrational Essences would be one of the keys to transmit the extremely high energies of The Wheel of Light. The Guides wanted to bring the essences into being as a support structure for The Wheel, or perhaps more accurately, an additional pathway to stream the Prime Force to those who need it.

November 2003
By November 2003 the Guides had given me an enormous amount of information in regard to developing Essence Programmes, which you will read about elsewhere. The Essence Programmes are a way in which we can use the higher energies of The Wheel of Light at different levels, allowing us to do repair work and also develop people in an evolutionary capacity. The Essence Programmes can be seen as a kind of stepping stone for those who might want the ultimate evolutionary programme, but whose vibrational rate is not yet high enough for direct connection into The Wheel itself.

By March of 2004 we had brought dozens of people into the Essence Programmes and these Programmes proved to be fantastic in the way the essences carried the power of The Wheel of Light energies. People with extremely bad energy system damage were being repaired at a distance by the Guides interacting through the energy harnessed within the essences.

The Wheel of Light Experiment

The only way to truly find out if The Wheel of Light functioned as the Guides and insights said it would, was to test it. Even after all these years of working with my Guides I hear them sigh when I say I am going to test their information. I am sure they just sit back and laugh at my miserable human frailty and lack of trust. I do trust… I just like to see it work. This is part of the excitement of putting a new spiritual gift into practice.

The only way to test The Wheel was to connect someone into the energy. I used a well respected friend and colleague, Anne, but without informing her, as I wanted it to be a blind test.

The experiment began around June 2002. I took Anne with me on a fairly heavy demonic possession job. It was then that I asked for her to be connected to The Wheel of Light energies. I now wanted to observe how her energy changed over the coming months, to see if her gifts and talents did indeed begin to unfold to new levels of ability as Denise and I expected they might. She was totally unaware of this connection, until just before I told her 17 months later, in early November 2003, when she commented that she had begun to think, just a couple of weeks previously, that I was ‘up to something’. Needless to say, the experiment was a great success.

During the period of the experiment, things changed for Anne enormously, but more recently her gifts and talents have been unfolding in a dramatically accelerating way. Around Mid-2003, we began to ask Anne would she take some cases from us as we were so busy. A little at a time, Denise fed her more and more in-depth work and she overcame all kinds of extremely complex and difficult situations, proving highly successful with these cases. In one instance she solved a very heavy demonic case which had been ongoing for some time, one of the worst I have ever encountered. I think this was the final part of the test, to prove beyond any doubt, to both Anne and ourselves, that what we thought was happening, actually was.

Not only was Anne developing at an incredible speed, but we also discovered something new about The Wheel. My Guides were also training Anne’s Guides at the same time.

Anne commented that the thing that has amazed her most is the high level of protection she now feels in all her work, and this has given her a far greater degree of confidence to look at cases which were once too frightening to even contemplate.

Anne’s Observations

Dave has been a colleague, dear friend and often my mentor over the past 8 years. Having witnessed Dave’s advancement spiritually and his achievements as an unquestionably unique healer (which I always knew he would be), his has been a truly amazing journey.

When, Dave asked me to join him in June 2002, to visit a client who had some demonic attachments, little did I realise what an impact this event would have on both my life and spiritual development. In the past I had been with Dave during his healing sessions, therefore, with a little trepidation and a great deal of curiosity I happily agreed to go.

After three exhausting hours Dave completed that first session, which was remarkable to say the least. The energies in the room were almost tangible. I felt, that my main contribution had been to provide Dave with an additional energy source to use and lend support to the Guides in locating and removing several unwanted and harmful energy beings, both in the building and attached to the client. Later that evening, when Dave shared his vision and insights regarding ‘The Wheel of Light’, I was fascinated.

During the second visit, Dave frequently asked me what I was sensing, I was delighted to find that when I had described what it ‘felt like’, Dave had drawn an exact replica to confirm this. Once again, this was a very intensive session and I began to understand why Dave’s energy was so depleted following these treatments. When Dave informed me that this had been the worst case he had dealt with so far, I felt extremely relieved I had been with him and not met this on my own.

The third visit was equally dynamic, Dave encouraged me to verbalise what I felt was happening, I was amazed to find myself describing things I never knew existed.

My only previous experiences with unwanted energy sources consisted of a personal demonic attachment, which fortunately for me, Dave had very quickly detected and removed. Plus a few incidents with clients and colleagues with what I would now describe as ‘energy clouds’ and ‘lower level entities’. Nevertheless, when dealing with these I had always, with his prior permission of course, asked for help from Dave’s Guides.

Over the next few months I noticed that these incidents seemed to be occurring more often and becoming more complex. One evening Dave telephoned and said “I’m closing down my energies and will be away for a couple of days”, he had never done that before - or since! Imagine how I felt when later that evening the client who I had been working with during that day, (doing what I thought was a normal healing session), telephoned me in desperation for help, she was experiencing a very powerful psychic attack. My first thought was to ring Dave, however, once I had recovered from the initial shock, I then asked my Guides “could we deal with this”? Once I was told yes and recognising the level of protection I felt, I calmly and confidently seemed to just know what to do. The next morning when I telephoned my client to confirm that all was well, we were able to reflect back on the event and discuss the guided insights that had been given to me, I was astounded.

Since that time, my Guides and I have been sent increasingly more challenging cases to deal with.

I can still hear myself saying to myself “I can’t believe this is happening to me”, immediately the answer came back – “believe it!” When Denise asked me to help with some of Dave’s workload, I just accepted with a deep knowing and trust that I would be totally protected and safe.

More recently, whilst Dave was talking about the ‘Wheel of Light’ and the new developments and insights he had received, (in the past he often laughingly referred to me as ‘the number one spoke’), it was then, I slowly began to realise that something special had been taking place. I have always known there is a deep connection between us, however over the past 18 months this has reached a new and different level, a sense of somehow being connected to an immense power source that transmits through Dave.

I can honestly say whatever cases I have faced, and some have been more than a bit daunting, once I have started to work I have always been confident and reassured that I was fully protected. I feel that it is important for me to say, that this was from a position of absolute trust and not fear.

I would like to express my thanks to all the clients who have contacted me for their trust and to Denise and Dave for their faith and support, I feel extremely privileged and at the same time very humble.
Anne Betts
5th December 2003

Of course, when Anne says, at the beginning of her text, that she always knew I would be a unique healer, she fails to tell you that if we go back far enough, it was she who was my teacher and mentor for a number of years.

The experiment with Anne was amazing, but still being concerned about the perceived mystery of this phenomenon which the Guides have called The Wheel of Light, and as we have never seen or heard of anything like it before, I asked the Guides “how will people know if this is real or right and how will they be able to trust it?”

The Guides Speak

“The children of the Lord who will benefit from this movement of energy we call The Wheel of Light will ‘absolutely know’ it is part of their pathway. There will be no question in their minds. Their consciousness will speak to them and they will just ‘know’ that they have to be connected to this source. All truth comes through the heart and those with the heart open and ready to see the truth at this level will feel the truth within them speak.”

“The Wheel of Light is a gateway which is being opened into Earth at this time, and it’s light will call out to the children who are meant to pass through it’s doors. Many lessons will unfold for each individual through the connection. One of these lessons will be trust.

“Lack of trust is a great limiting factor in the evolution of human beings. There is great fear around trusting that you are protected; trusting that you are guided; trusting in many things which are of the nature of creation and the process of moving forwards. Trust is learning to open your heart. Without the opening of the heart, evolution cannot take place. Therefore, those who are fearful will not trust The Wheel of Light. Quite simply, this is because their evolution has not reached a point where they can step into the unknown in trust. Those whose evolution is approaching the highest vibrations of spirituality in Earth at this time will hear the call.”

“The doors will be opened, but only those who can perceive the pathway will enter. Throughout history, there have been those who could see and understand the hidden meanings in the messages of the teachers, and there have been those who just could not understand and would continue to question. The time is now with us where many are opening and understanding.”

“If The Wheel of Light calls to you, then you will feel it in your heart. If you feel the call in your heart, then you will not question, you will have no fear of trusting in the process.”

The Guides
September 2003.

December 2003

When completing a healing session with a client in November 2003, the Guides closed the session with one of their little-gem messages which said. “She will become a satellite!” What is a satellite, I thought. As usual, this was the first part of a picture which was yet to be shown to me and I had to wait for a few weeks until they gave me the next part. I knew at the time that this had something to do with The Wheel of Light energies.

It became clear that a Satellite is someone who can form a bridge between me and a third party, someone with a special ability to carry and relay the energies which I channel.

The Guides Speak about Satellites
“ Satellites are people who can act as a kind of ‘relay station’ to carry the consciousness of the Prime Force from the co-creator (Dave) to the end user for healing and evolution. The best way to utilise this function is by using Vibrational Essences to help carry the energy. (It was becoming clear now why I had to work on the new essences).”

“For example. If the co-creator is in the United Kingdom, one might then have a Satellite person in another country. This person need not necessarily be a practitioner, but can be a distributor of the Essences only. If they are both, then all the better, but the point is that they do not have to be both. All they need is a certain consciousness capacity to be able to act as this ‘relay station’, a carrier or your energy.”

“This is like distant healing but at a much higher level. With distant healing we know that we can connect with anyone anywhere on the planet and bring an energy change to their situation. With The Wheel of Light energies carried by Vibrational Essences, the power one can bring to a situation is enormous in comparison with traditional distant healing.”

“Satellites are very special people with a unique ability to not only channel the consciousness from the co-creator, but also amplify and support the co-creator’s energy and consciousness in a none intrusive way. Literally, an ability to carry the information from source to the end user without interference at any level, but with the added bonus of amplifying and supporting the source energy, without any energy loss to themselves.”

“The Satellites are not merely a bridge or a relay station between the two points of contact, but they will be a very important interactive support structure for the energy and Prime Force which passes into this world through The Wheel of Light, allowing that unique healing and transformational consciousness to reach more people without the energy drain on the co-creator which usually accompanies such work.”

“Like the Indigo Children, the Satellites are special people with special gifts, and they will begin to come forward to be used by the Divine Universal Consciousness in association with those with the advanced spiritual ability to evolve others. Their role will be to assist in passing on the evolutionary energies to those who are ready to receive them, but supporting the co-creator energetically at the same time.”

March 2004- Sweden
In March 2004 we tested the Satellite theory through our friends Lena and Ian in Sweden. Lena is our first Satellite. We worked through Lena to a third Party client with an Essence Programme as directed by the Guides. As usual, the results were brilliant and amazing. This opens up a vast picture of working much more powerfully at a distance than ever before through the amazing power of The Wheel of Light.

OK, Let’s do it!
We have learned more about The Wheel which isn’t in this review, and we could probably go on indefinitely as new things are shown to us. The Guides have said that this is a unique phenomenon, and my insights have hinted that it will continue to develop and grow in a multi-faceted way. I feel that other light workers will also develop to a point where they too will help to carry this torch into the future. Two years to develop is what the Guides originally said back in May 2002, and the time has passed so quickly and taught us so much on the journey. We think enough has been said here as to the history. Future developments will be incorporated into The Wheel of Light pages.

Denise and I hope you have enjoyed reading about the development of The Wheel of Light.

God Bless You All,

In love and Light,
Dave Ashworth March 2004