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Getting Connected


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The Wheel of Light

Getting Connected

STEP 1. Telephone Consultation
Assessment for any kind of work is by telephone consultation initially.

In the telephone consultation the Guides will take me on a journey through your subtle energy system. We will also look at your spiritual connection and many levels of your consciousness.

We will assess the energy state in all of these structures, looking for blockages, damage or any areas which are under-performing or out of balance. When we have finished this ‘guided tour’ through your subtle energy system, we will have a clear picture of what needs to be done to bring your system up to its ‘present potential’. (When we reach present potential, we can then plan how to reach your ‘evolutionary potential’).

STEP 2. Doing some Work
At this point, the Guides will advise on how to proceed and what work we can do together.

Healing and Repair
This usually presents one of two options. Either healing or repair work first, or you will be ready for an Evolutionary Program immediately. From experience, the majority of people need some kind of work before they can enter an Evolutionary Program, even if it is only balancing at some superficial level.

In most instances, healing or repair work must be accomplished before you can enter an Evolutionary Program. Quite simply, the energy system must be completely clean and balanced. We can usually do this work one of two ways.

  1. Basic Essence Program or Wheel of Light Essence Program.
  2. Personal Appointment.

Evolutionary Program
If there is no healing or repair work to do, then the Guides will give an assessment of your evolutionary potential and provide us with the details we need to embark upon this journey.

The work will begin by connecting you to one of three levels. It may be necessary to start you on the gentler frequencies, working up to the more powerful and all-encompassing energies, depending upon your vibrational rate. Alternatively, a personal appointment may be appropriate.

  1. The Basic Essence Program
  2. The Wheel of Light Essence Programme.
  3. By Direct Connection to The Wheel of Light energies.
  4. Personal Appointment

Essence Programs
You can read about these under Essence Programs in the Getting Help pages. Connection via an Essence Program is usually for a period of around 3 months.

Direct Connection to The Wheel of Light
When connecting to The Wheel of Light, the Guides will advise what period of time this is necessary for. It can be anything from 6 months to 2 years. This direct connection provides a drip feed of energy into your being, managed and facilitative by the Guides and is the ultimate expression of evolutionary power to bring about transformation